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Food Rules

Over 2 weeks in to this project, it’s time to set out some rules for the blog. Not rules for you, for us, but please pull us up on any rule breaks. The What is food? question has already come up several times and it’s about time we addressed this question in a professional manner.

What is Food?

1. Things that are obviously food, are food.

2. Food is solid, mostly.

3. When food is liquid; blended up or puréed up it is still food but only if we see the food before said liquidation. Otherwise, the food is drink (e.g. Tropicana orange juice,  oranges not seen before hand: drink. Shakeaway, foods seen blending into a liquid: food).

4. Chewing gum is not food, unless accidentally swallowed.

    5. Cream. The point at which a dairy product becomes a food is another problem. Whipped cream is a food, double cream is not, unless whipped.

      5.1 Sour Cream. A food.

      5.2 Hand Cream. Cosmetics. Same applies to ‘body butter’, a very misleading name.


      The Rules of the Blog.

      1. Posts must be before midnight. Penalty; must do a blended chicken nugget shot.

      2. Everything eaten must be listed. No matter how small or insignificant, this is the whole basis of the blog.

      3. All foods must be tagged.


      Any rules you want to see? Submit them as a comment below and we will name it after you. Same applies for penalties, references to chicken nuggets are preferred.

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